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Should Nokia adopt Android to stay alive?

In my opinion Yes they should. The company which dominated the cell phone industry for quite some time is now in danger with rising competition. Nokia a Finland based company which was once the leader in cell phone industry looks like is moving backward in competition against Samsung and Apple. Samsung which tried to keep themselves alive in this industry collaborated with Android to produce cell phone to compete with iPhone and certainly did even though the minor competitors like LG or Sony also adopted Android to produce smartphone, but companies like Nokia tends to be egoistic and not follow the trail of others but then they need to come up with something extraordinary to gain attention. Nokia tried to take its smartphones out of dark by producing Windows based phone but still it was no good move and their smartphones remain in ICU. this is the time where they need to make some tough decisions for the future if they don't then they should keep their focus to non smartphone category where there is still Nokia preference. The result is shown in the chart below with Android leading the market in 2012. Microsoft in this category is still a kid how could it help Nokia to revive their smartphone. Feel free to leave your comment and suggestions.

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